Emerging Technology Trends and Business Opportunities for Solution/Service Providers

Emerging Technology Trends and Business Opportunities for SolutionService Providers

The business landscape is dynamical thanks to fast technology changes. Innovation, technology and products life cycles are becoming shortened; business use cases and application eventualities ar dynamical fleetly thanks to globalization and technology integration. Organizations got to be versatile to quickly adapt to those rising trends and be nimble to reply to dynamical market dynamics.

Emerging technology trends like software system outlined everything, Object Storage, Flash, Cloud, Converged Infrastructure, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), web of Things, massive knowledge analytics etc.

are getting additional and additional relevant with the emergence of multiple knowledge streams. These innovative trends ar transformation and ar doubtless to form the longer term.

Trends and Opportunities:


1. software system outlined everything

Software outlined everything can end in true ability standards, forcing individual technology suppliers to abandon operating in silos with proprietary standards. Service suppliers will solely supply price if they need the potential to supply all the constituents of computing, storage and network.

Some of the opportunities for solution/service suppliers include:

• software system outlined Storage (SDS)

• Supporting software system outlined storage applications from leading storage vendors

• Support these SDS merchandise to increase them to alternative platforms and build them feature wealthy, alter integration with alternative ecosystems etc.

• Building take a look at strategy, tools and frameworks and numerous sorts of testing opportunities

• software system outlined Networking (SDN)

• Network orchestration and automation, manage and implement SDN in enterprise knowledge center

• skilled services like Network perform Virtualization (NFV) implementation consulting or SDN and NFV testing for telecommunication vendors


2. Flash

Flash technology will certainly show Associate in Nursing dealing within the 3-5 year horizon. One must keep invested with in terms of cash, time.

There might not be a lot of of immediate progress in Flash adoption by enterprises thanks to the preventive value, stable bequest originated, evolving enterprise options. Hence, most enterprises ar still within the experimental part, however there ar legion business opportunities.

The below trends represent a number of the opportunities for solution/service providers:

• Most flash players ar start-ups and would love to stay core work in-house and source peripheral activities

• large product engineering opportunities can {lie with|roll within the hay|love|make out|make love|sleep with|get laid|have sex|know|do it|be intimate|have intercourse|have it away|have it off|screw|fuck|jazz|eff|hump|bed|have a go at it|bang|get it on|bonk|copulate|mate|pair|couple} the massive business players in the style of testing whereby they conceive to move merchandise from existing bequest to any or all flash primarily based platforms

• Flash storage OEMs ar overwhelming PCIe primarily based cards, AHCI and NVMe interface and most of those solutions ar targeted towards cloud service suppliers


3. Object storage

Enterprises ar galvanized by the net companies’ adoption of object storage. Demand for object storage is driven by massive knowledge challenges of storing and analyzing an enormous quantity of information to produce price to the business.

Factors driving growth of object storage

• accumulated unstructured knowledge

• simple accessibility via protocol and SMTP protocols and REST Apis

• growing trend of organizations building their non-public or hybrid clouds

• software-defined storage (SDS) approach

Some of the opportunities for solution/service suppliers include:

• current integration of newer versions of OpenStack swift with existing storage merchandise

• Mergers and acquisitions happening within the object storage business, which is able to result into new product acquisitions by giant storage vendors. This reveal product integration opportunities for service suppliers


4. OpenStack

OpenStack is moving on the far side the first adoption as additional and additional enterprises and repair suppliers ar moving towards its adoption.

telecommunication house can drive growth for OpenStack. Openstack is that the main driver for NFV so serving to it to become a reality.

Some opportunities for solution/service suppliers include:

• offer storage vendors to alter their storage for OpenStack

• facilitate enterprises setup their OpenStack cloud, supply skilled services

• giant storage vendors ar building platforms with OpenStack victimization proprietary underlying infrastructure. It reveal integration and automation opportunities


5. Server SAN

Server SAN is poised to disrupt ancient storage architectures over successive decade. It involves sharing and distributing storage across multiple nodes. it’s Associate in Nursing design that turns multiple direct-attached storage (DAS) devices into a pool of shared resources via a high-speed interconnection like InfiniBand or Low-latency LAN.

Some of the Server SAN solutions embody EMC ScaleIO, VMware’s VSAN, and Quantum StorNext. One has to follow this trend and see that of the prevailing answer gains momentum and is probably going to emerge as a champ.



Businesses ar implementing BYOD to avoid wasting prices on software system and hardware or to handle the expectations of their mobile personnel. Provisioning of all of those devices may be a Herculean task.

Some of the opportunities for answer and repair suppliers include:

• answer accelerators and automation frameworks in space of desktop virtualization, image management, Content collaboration and convey Your Own laptop solutions

• In mobile cloud era, the user is more and more setting out to admit endpoints, devices with terribly restricted process power, smaller screens, perhaps no keyboard that makes manageableness a district to explore.


7. Hyper/Converged Infrastructure

Massive enhancements in process power ar driving converged infrastructure trend and reason for faster adoption of it by knowledge centers.

All major infrastructure suppliers ar moving towards the converged house. several business players ar competitive for vital market share in converged infrastructure house to uproot bequest put in base or shield own share of the market pie. It includes majors like horsepower, EMC, IBM, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, VMware, VCE and start-ups like Scale Computing, SimpliVity and Nutanix.


There ar 2 trends emerging:

• Hyper-converged Infrastructure – One merchandiser builds a complete infrastructure by taking all the varied items that frame a standard infrastructure within the market these days and place it in a very box. it’s entirely seamless.

• Converged infrastructure – merchandiser takes the basic items of storage, network, work out and server virtualization, probably from totally different firms, maybe place a management layer on high of it {to build|to form|to create} the preparation and also the management of these items easier and make them operate as a full.

Opportunities for solution/service suppliers ar within the space of consulting, design, implementation, and management services associated with non-public and hybrid cloud deployments.


8. web of Things (IoT)

Other connected terms for IoT utilized by business giants ar Industrial web by GE, web of Everything (IoE) by Cisco, and sensible Planet by IBM.

IoT is being driven by an enormous increase in knowledge volumes collected from numerous sorts of sensors deployed by business, and business edges provided by the analysis of sensing element knowledge.


9. massive knowledge Analytics

There will be competition to develop optimized cloud platforms which may leverage period of time knowledge streams and/or large knowledge as enterprises seek for varied knowledge sources yet as applications that facilitate them to urge perceptive data concerning the markets, customers, and merchandise.

Opportunity for solution/service suppliers to supply massive knowledge implementation and analytics outsourcing services is large. a number of the opportunities include:

• skilled services associated with massive knowledge like knowledge migration among platforms, maintenance etc.

• Opportunities like massive knowledge technology implementation, as well as knowledge assortment, integration and coming up with of massive knowledge design etc.

• Log and sensing element analytics are gaining traction as terribly perceptive data are often drawn victimization them. It reveal chance for knowledge science specialists.


10. Cloud Computing

Cloud guarantees a growth on each front be it IaaS, SaaS, PaaS or bespoke security.

Businesses ar adopting a cloud-based infrastructure thanks to the upsurge of Hybrid cloud architectures that embody Associate in Nursing merger of personal and public clouds

Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions permits businesses to lower IT prices. It hurries up application development through additional economical testing and preparation.

Security policies would like revived attention with cloud-based applications ar growing and usurping businesses. thus there’s enhanced demand for security solutions to bring new exemplars of security to the cloud.


Some of the chance areas for solution/service suppliers will be:

• PaaS enablement services, application re-engineering and migration services, assessment, informative services etc.

• Consulting services requiring strategic direction and steering in a very broad vary of areas which is able to facilitate organizations to migrate crucial systems and infrastructure to the cloud

The pace at that technology is driving the modification is extraordinary. it’s exalting new business methods across industries. Organizations ar embrace technology to draw important insights from their operations and investment it to explore growth and revenue opportunities.

The trend is popping into a rigorous atmosphere wherever firms ar seeking additional returns from their technology investments. This represents a singular chance for solution/service suppliers whereby they will facilitate firms maximize their come back on investment through their offerings.

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